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Frequently Asked Questions

Why provide grief support for children?
Grieving children may feel "different" from their peers at school, church and extracurricular activities. At GriefWorks, the shared circumstances of loss allow children the freedom to explore their grief and mourn openly. Children who internalize grief may experience depression, school adjustment problems, substance abuse or other coping problems.

Who may come to GriefWorks?
Children ages five to 18 and adults will find others like themselves at GriefWorks. Groups are divided: 5-8, 9-12, 13-18 and adults.

What will a participant do at GriefWorks?
Group sharing, art activities, puppets, drama and play are some of the activities that trained volunteers will assist children with. Volunteers are trained to listen to children. A child can choose to vent frustrations in an emotion/commotion room designed to provide a safe environment for a child who has big energy that can be absorbed by a "big ole' punching bag." Children can paint, draw and recreate stories in a sand tray. Adults can choose to participate or use their time waiting for a child as they see fit, but a child is never unaccompanied at GriefWorks.

What is the difference between grief support and grief counseling?
Grief support is not treatment. It is not counseling. Support is listening, being present for children who are grieving. It is trusting that a child will mourn when given a safe environment in which to do this work. It can even be fun. Grieving children are not "broken" and do not need "fixing." They need to be given a place where they feel comfortable enough to express their deepest hurts. Complicated cases of grief will be referred to professionals outside of GriefWorks.