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David & Patty

Dear Birth Parents:

You are at a time in your lives when you have an important and difficult decision to make. We hope and pray that with God's help you will make the choice that is best for you and your precious child. If you choose the plan of adoption, we would love to raise the beautiful child that you bring into this world. We have been praying for a child to complete our family.

We have been married for ten years. We live in a three bedroom house that has a big backyard waiting for a child to play in it. We are very active in church and are extremely eager to bring our child up in a Christian home. We have two beautiful dogs that we like to call "the puppies" even though they are full grown. They are Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever mixes. We adopted Rascal and Robin from the animal rescue center almost three years ago. They have blessed our lives ever since. They love to play with our friends' children and would love having a child in our home.

David turned 35 this October. He grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. He is the youngest child in the family. He has four nephews and three nieces on his side of the family. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and currently works for Penske Truck Leasing. He loves bicycling and flying airplanes on his flight simulator for the computer.

Patty is 35 years old. She grew up in Northern Ohio. She is also the youngest child in her family. Patty's brother Ray and his wife Cindy have two wonderful daughters who are excited about having a baby cousin. She has a large extended family that has always been very close. Patty has Bachelor's degrees in Early Childhood Education and Family Life/Child Development. She is currently a special education teacher for elementary school students in Garland.

Patty about David:

David is a wonderful man. I fell in love with him almost instantly. He is gentle, sweet and kind. David is adventurous. He loves biking, working outdoors and riding extremely high roller coasters. He also enjoys building and launching model rockets. Learning to fly airplanes on the computer is his latest hobby. Becoming a pilot is one of his dreams. He looks forward to being able to share these hobbies with our child. Hearing him talk about it makes me picture some wonderful adventures they will have together. Seeing him with our friends' children as well as the children I have babysat over the years has shown me just how wonderful a father he will be. He loves spending time with my friend's daughter Corina. They play board games and build models. Their favorite activity is the flight simulator. They spend time flying side by side on the computer. David enjoys have her as his copilot. He is very patient, kind and loving with the kids. He always makes time to spend with them. I am very blessed to have a husband who puts his family first.

David about Patty:

I met patty for the first time eleven years ago. I believe when God put her in my life, He gave me the absolute best. She is a true gift from God. That is why I love her. One of her special gifts is the gift of encouragement. She has encouraged me when I wanted to give up. One example was college. At times I contemplated quitting, but she helped me through by helping me study. Patty has worked with children ever since I have known her. When I started dating her she was working at a daycare facility. She also babysat and substitute taught at various schools in Oklahoma. This is her seventh year of teaching school in Texas. Sometimes it amazes me how Patty can deal with so many children in her classroom at one time. The times that I have observed her in her classroom when I would go up to visit, she would always have those kids' attention. She is very good at working with them. It takes a talented person to be able to do that. She has worked with various types of children of all ages and backgrounds. Patty is also involved with the children at church. She rides the church bus to help round up kids to take to church. One of the good qualities about Patty is that she is not selfish. She always thinks of others before herself. She is always willing to give up her time to help someone.

We hope this letter has helped you get to know us a little better. We will continue to pray for you as you figure out God's plan for your lives.

David and Patty

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