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Luigi & Tracy

Dear Friend:

We are very thankful that you have chosen to give life and consider adoption.  It is impossible for us to imagine the hard decisions that you are in the midst of making, and our prayer is that you will have the peace of God during this time.

Our names are Luigi and Tracy.  We were married in 2000, and are each other’s best friend.  Every day we laugh with one another, and feel fortunate to have found each other.  We share a commitment to God and are actively involved in a growing church that has many young families.  We live in a lovely home, with a large back yard and a park within walking distance.  We live close to two large lakes and like to go camping and fishing.  We are anxious to experience life’s little pleasures such as a family walk in the park, picnic or just hanging out in the back yard throwing a ball.

Tracy about Luigi:
Luigi is a sales account manager who was born in Port Arthur Texas, and is one of eight children.  I think one of his best features is his wonderful sense of humor…he makes me laugh often and I love that about him!  He is also very sensitive, ambitious, and creative.  Luigi is a great cook, an avid fisherman, and he likes to play video games.  We teach a Sunday school class of toddlers together and seeing him play and interact with our friends’ children, as well as with our nieces and nephews, just emphasizes to me what a wonderful Dad he will be.

Luigi about Tracy:
Tracy is a payroll auditor for UPS and has lived in the Dallas area most of her life.  She has one brother and sister.  One of my favorite qualities of hers is her compassionate heart.  She is always ready to help her friends by providing a listening ear, a home cooked meal, or…her favorite…baby-sitting whenever she can.  It is obvious by her friendly personality that she loves people.  On the weekends she can be found spending time reading fiction, swimming, or gardening.  It is her most heart felt desire to be a stay at home mother so she can give her love and attention to a child.  She looks forward to reading bedtime stories each night and is already planning to take our family to Disney World!

We are close with our families and love spending time with them.  Our parents live nearby and there will be frequent trips to visit Grandma.  We have a large family of 14 nieces and nephews that will happily embrace one more cousin.

We have two white Maltese dogs named Bruiser and Bouncer.  They are all fur, weigh about 8 lbs each and both of them make us smile every day.  They love children and will make good playmates.

We want you to know that it is truly our desire to provide a God centered home, with unconditional love and stability.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us.  We are willing to consider any level of openness, and look forward to meeting you face to face.

Luigi and Tracy

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