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Ken & Suzanne

Dear Birthparents,

We want you to know that we have been praying for you and your child every day.  Thank you for having so much love and courage to consider an adoption plan for your child.

We are Ken and Suzanne Fogus and we are happy to have the opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves and what kind of a home we have to offer your child.  We feel God has led us to adopt.

Ken is a detective for a nearby police department and also is an instructor at a local college where he teaches criminal justice courses.  Ken loves the outdoors, snow skiing, boating, fishing, and hunting.  He also loves baseball, football and hockey.  He loves children and has a lot of fun taking his son, Tim and our nieces fishing or out to play baseball.  He has been known to pretend to be Santa at Christmas for our nieces and even hide Easter Eggs about 10 times in one day for the kids because they didn’t want the fun to end.

Suzanne is a registered nurse; this allows her to have a very flexible work schedule.  She chose this job because she loves to help people.  Suzanne also is adopted; she was adopted as an infant by her parents Doug and Peggy.  She has one younger sister, Kelli and two nieces, Mallory and Macey.  Suzanne teaches Sunday School at our church for the preschool children.  She loves to water ski, snow ski, go camping, cook, garden, cross stitch, and play with our dogs.

We live on a ranch outside of Gainesville, Texas.  We have stocked fish ponds on our property along with cattle and dogs.  We both love to travel, doing thins with our family and going to church together.  We both were raised in Christian homes and have very close relationships with our families.  Much of our time is spent doing family activities like camping, cookouts, trips, birthday parties, celebrating holidays, and Sunday dinners.

Most of the family also goes to church together where we play instruments and sing occasionally.  We also perform at other events like our annual cookout for the Irving Fire Department (Suzanne’s dad is a retired fireman) and the Fall Festival the church has each year.

For any child that would come into our family, we promise to love, protect, and raise this child in a stable Christian home.  We will make sure your child is given everything he or she needs to have a wonderful life.  This child will grow up in a close extended family that has other adopted members, too.  We are invested in maintaining our commitment to keeping you involved in your child’s life and ours through letters, pictures, videos and phone calls.

Thank you for reading our letter.  We would love to meet you and have a chance for us to get to know each other.  Please call Julie at ChristianWorks for Children at (972) 960-9981 if you would like to set up a time for us to meet.

Ken and Suzanne

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