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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from adopting parents

What is the wait for an adoptive placement?
It varies, but the average wait for an infant adoption is six months to two years, depending on the degree of flexibility of your preferences.

How do I get started?
Contact AdoptionWorks to attend the next Adoption Orientation. As part of the approval process, we require that couples who wish to adopt must have been married for at least three years and be actively involved in their church family.

Does your agency assist in international adoptions?
We facilitate domestic infant adoptions only.

What is ChristianWorks for Children's philosophy of open and closed adoptions?
The level of openness is unique to each adoptive placement. Your caseworker will provide counseling to you and the birth family in order to reach a level of openness that is agreeable to all parties involved. Most cases involve the ongoing exchange of information, such as pictures and letters. Our goal is for families to be in communication throughout a child's life.

Questions about family support

What type of maternity services do you provide for mothers who want to parent?
Available services include counseling and assistance in accessing social services and support groups.

What type of maternity services are provided to mothers who plan to place their children for adoption?
A variety of services are available, including counseling, medical services related to pregnancy, legal services in association with adoption, housing and other allowable expenses, assisting in providing or obtaining other social services and access to support groups.

Questions about Foster Care

What ages do you work with?
Temporary homes are provided for infants and young children in need.

How long can they be placed?
Only short-term foster care is provided.